Master Class in Board Management

I am offering a Master Class in Board Management that will enable nonprofit consultants to develop the skills and confidence to expand their practices to address board management challenges. This interactive workshop series will share the problem-solving strategies and tools I have developed from having worked with more than 150 organizations and having trained hundreds of potential board candidates.

Every nonprofit consultant confronts issues involving the Board of Directors. Some issues impact their work directly. Others may affect another aspect of the health of the organization.  We have all heard something like one of the following:

  • This is a great financial management system but I can’t get the Finance Committee to meet to review it.
  • I can’t work on this right now because I have to prepare for a Board meeting that will result in a long list of to-dos for me and the staff.
  • The Chair, who has been in that position for ten years, does not believe that board members should be “begging for money.”
  • Making the changes you suggest would be great, but some founding board members insist that anything new is “not the way we do things.”

I believe that every problem is solvable. Some may not be possible to confront head-on but there is always a side door. Consultants with nonprofit experience can develop the skills and tools to help their clients address board management challenges. 

Possible workshop topics

  • Strategies for determining the respective authority of the Board and of management
  • Managing the work of the committees
  • Helping the Executive Director to become part of the solution
  • Board engagement in outreach and fundraising
  • Recruitment beyond the circle of the current board
  • Board leadership succession planning
  • Holding productive board meetings


  • Five bi-weekly Zoom workshops starting in January, 2021, at a cost of $500 for the series. The workshop will be limited to five consultants
  • An introductory call with each participant to determine interests and topics to address
  • Availability of practical templates and articles
  • Working together to identify strategies for how to drive change


If this interests you, email with:

  • A brief statement of why this workshop could enhance your practice
  • An example of a board management issue you have seen.
  • Your bio or cv.

I will select participants with diverse experience to maximize cross-learning.  

Consulting practice

Michael Davidson is a consultant specializing in nonprofit board development, management support, leadership transition, and executive coaching for nonprofit managers.  He has over 30 years experience in nonprofit board and managerial leadership and has provided board training and retreat facilitation for more than 150 nonprofit organizations, enabling them to translate passion for the mission into effective leadership strategies.  For more details, see:

Professional Affiliations

He is the former Chair of Governance Matters, designed and led the Board Candidate Training for the Board Serve NYC program of the United Way of New York City, is a member of the Selection Committee for the New York Community Trust Nonprofit Excellence Awards and is the lead NYC trainer for the Board Lead program of Cause Strategy. He is also a member of the faculty of the Adelphi University Nonprofit Management Certificate Program. 


He has been a Peace Corps Volunteer, an Assistant Professor of Anthropology, an Assistant District Attorney and an attorney in private practice. He holds a BS in mathematics from New York State University College on Long Island, a JD from Columbia Law School and an M. Phil in Anthropology from Yale University.