“I hired Michael as a consultant to help facilitate a challenging board retreat and as a coach on organizational matters. I was very pleased with his handling of the projects and subsequent follow-through. I have found Michael to be consistently insightful, direct, and thoughtful. He is someone who will state his opinions, which I value, particularly given his wealth of experience. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again. Great Results, Expert, Good Value.”

Dave Bolotsky, past Chair, Comprehensive Development, Inc.

“The retreat evaluations were all glowing, with virtually every member believing he/she will be a more effective board member. Enthusiasm is so incredibly high that we are already working to channel that energy even before our next board meeting. Our executive committee has prioritized the next steps, the format for board meetings has been revamped and we are reconstituting our nominating committee into a governance committee. For my part, I have taken ownership of the leadership role because I have a much clearer understanding of what that role entails.”

Susan Baxt, Chair, Justice Works Community

“Michael used his experience in non-profit management and his straightforward style to support my successful transition from corporate manager to non-profit executive.”

Tony Hooper, Executive Director, Future Possibilities

“I’ve known Mike for some years and have hired him several times to provide advice to a nonprofit board I serve. He sees to the heart of the problem and provides excellent advice. His standing in the NY community is very high because he makes it very clear that his work is meant to help the client, not himself. I would not hesitate to hire him again.”

Tim Ettenheim, Board Chair, CDI-Manhattan Comprehensive

“Michael coached me at a particularly difficult time in my professional life. I needed someone with perspective, a calm head, and deep experience in my field. Michael had all of those. He helped me learn some difficult truths about myself with great kindness and compassion. The skills I learned through his guidance enabled me to grow and gain both competence and confidence.”

Jenny Hansell, Executive Director, North East Community Center

“To say that Michael has been a trusted advisor, a strategic counselor and a thought partner would greatly understate his true impact. Quite frankly, I simply cannot imagine our board functioning anywhere near as effectively without Michael’s insight, counsel and support. Any organization would be lucky indeed to have him as a counselor and advisor.”

Luke Sarsfield, Chair, Literacy, Inc

“Michael brings deep and wide knowledge of strategic planning and board development to his work. He is affable and effective in his work with our board. Perhaps most importantly, he ensures our deliberations lead to outcomes and action.”

Joe Fay, Executive Director Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation

“Michael Davidson is an extraordinary problem-solver. Michael helped us to build on the organization’s existing structures and strengths while applying existing management models where they were useful. The spirit of the organization is as strong as it ever was, but now there exist procedures for delegation, accountability, planning and fiscal administration. Michael has the ability to listen to a whole lot of complex ideas and to consolidate their meaning in one or two unifying principles upon which it is possible to act. He gave us the tools and confidence to move into the future.”

John Eisner, Producing Director, The Lark

“Michael is a volunteer workshop facilitator for the Support Center for Nonprofit Management, with a focus on Board development. He has a remarkable breadth of knowledge in this area and his workshops are always comprehensive, well developed and, above all, interactive and entertaining. In addition to being an engaging trainer, Michael is also a skilled consultant and is able to work with nonprofits and their Board members on a variety of levels. He is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him.”

Steve Damiano, Director of Training, Support Center for Nonprofit Management

“Michael designed and facilitated a planning retreat for our board at a crucial point in our history that resulted in the development of a concrete action plan for the work of the board. His leadership encouraged full engagement by the board while insuring that decisions were reached. I would unhesitatingly recommend him for his ability to work with a diverse and strongly opinioned group and his skill in synthesizing and guiding the conversation to reach an actionable plan.”

Cesar A. Perales, President and General Counsel, LatinoJustice/PRLDEF

“I have received many positive comments about your workshop both from our Directors and the staff. The staff found it especially informative as many of them said they never really understood what the Board did. Everybody enjoyed the interactive format. You did a terrific job of focusing on the key issues and giving us tools to effectively address those issues.”

Chris Schwartz, Director of Development, Grace Church Community Center

“The rave reviews are still coming in. Your talk addressed everyone in the room — several people commented that you it seemed like you had been a fly on the wall in their board meetings! You also provided the right balance between the big picture and specific details. Furthermore, your style is so engaging — you had everyone’s rapt attention. We can’t thank you enough for your generosity with your time, your expertise, your wisdom, and… your wit!”

Shawn Cribari, Director of Development, Ossining Children’s Center

“Michael is a great listener and incredible resource for the nonprofit community. He is very knowledgeable and an excellent problem solver. I would recommend him highly.”

Marnie Berk, Chair, Tribeca Hebrew School